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Founded November 21st 2000. - Please E-mail me with comments or suggestions.



Flash intro last updated 1-10-01 - Knuget


Please E-mail me with comments of suggestions.

Been very busy with work and school.... But just to let you know..... I just acquired and space on a good web server. - Knuget
Okay.... for the people out there that don't believe I actually am working constantly on the site here is a pic from the new site. As I may (or may not) have mentioned before the new site is going to be done in Flash, so I think its going to turn out to be really cool. I still have a lot of work to do on it so please sick with me and I'll give you some updates of my progress.- Knuget
For those of you who haven't heard yet, a new Dylan album is coming out this September called "Love and Theft", it features 12 new tracks and is piano based. Reviews so far are very good... - Knuget
Thanks to Christy and Kester for sending in some Dylan Mentions, sorry Christy, Kester beat you to the Hootie and the Blowfish mention, I'm working on the site again so check back often for updates. - Knuget
Okay... I'm completely redoing the site, its in the works so you'll see it by the end of the week. - Knuget
Seeing as I'm not going to be able to add a lot of content to the site over the next few weeks I just updated the links section. - Knuget
Just added a wallpaper and updated the "Dylan mentioned in song" section. - Knuget
A lot has happened since I last updated the page, congratulations to Dylan for his Oscar. I'm just going to fix a tiny bit of stuff today. I'm kind of busy with exams right now so I expect to really get going on the site after the 25th (my last exam). - Knuget
Added a section for Dylan songs that are included in movies, its under the references section, that's it for today. - Knuget
Don't have very much time for the site today, I just added a few wallpapers for a total of 8 now. I might be working on the site later tonight but I'm very busy right now so probably not. - Knuget
A new wallpaper has been added to the media section go check it out it's a classic. - Knuget
Version two of the Dylan Quiz Applet is now up and running no new questions but the results interface has been greatly improved. - Knuget
I decided to quickly set up version one of the Dylan quiz applet so take a look it's on the games link on the menu bar. - Knuget
Tangled Up In Blue now has a Web Forum with thanks to the kind people at EZ Boards, I've started several Forums for discussion of Dylan's work and what not so go check it out and get the discussion started. Also the Dylan quiz applet V 1.0 is almost ready to go I just need to write about 25  more questions, so it should be done by tomorrow, until then, "keep on keeping on". - Knuget
Well I've done quite a bit of work on the site lately, but you won't be reaping any of the benefits for a few days. I've got a really neat Quiz applet to test your Dylan knowledge I hope to release version 1.0 of the applet on Monday or Tuesday. Once the applet is running I will be taking suggestions for possible questions to add to the applet well I've got to sleep now, later.- Knuget
Well after fumbling around with trying to get ASP to work on tripod (I later found out that it is actually is impossible). So because I can't use Tripod's server for ASP, I'll just do the next best thing... make my own server and use that. The "Tangled Up In Blue DylanBase Server" is now up and running. Although it won't be up all the time (I live in small dorm room and the CPU is awfully annoying when I'm trying to sleep, not to mention that my computer crashes quite often (but what system running windows doesn't?). This server is just a temporary home till I find an ASP friendly server to put it up at. If you want to see the server's page go to and take a look, I'm just working on enabling ASP on my CPU now, once that is done it won't be long at all till the DylanBase is up and running. I'm really excited about this project because it's going to provide the backbone of Tangled Up In Blue with a lot of really cool features. Oh ya I am actively looking into the problems with Netscape and the site, I hope I can solve it soon.- Knuget
Okay here is the word I've redone the quote applet because it was bothering me, works much better now with lots more quotes. Just need to get that background color right. Also on a less happy note, I've noticed much of the site doesn't work with some versions of Netscape, not good. I'll get right on top of that some time this next week, I'm pretty sure downloading the newest version of Netscape will fix that for you at home, or you can just use Internet Explorer. - Knuget
Well, I've been looking into how to set up this so called "Dylan-Base" it looks like it is going to have to be ASP seeing as tripod doesn't support MS FrontPage Database integration. So that means I'll have to scrap most of the stuff I've already done (rats) and it also requires me to learn a bit of ASP, it looks like ASP might be the way to go anyway so expect to see the Dylan-Base up sometime over the next few weeks. - Knuget
Alright I decided to bulk up the Media section by adding a wallpaper section, and I did just that so go and check it out. I have upped five really cool Dylan wallpapers to the section. I'll be back at work later today probably, sleep now. - Knuget
Here is the run down for today I designed a new logo last night and drew, scanned, edited, and posted it today. Its that shield shaped on the left hand of your screen. Been working very hard on the "Dylan-Base" but I keep on running it to a problem involving java applets and read/write permissions, I think I might have it sorted out by some time next week hopefully. - Knuget
Just a quick update, I quickly fixed up the References and Links sections. Check out the References section think it could prove to be interesting if I can get a lot for submissions for it - Knuget
Here is what's happening I've been working on what I'm calling the "Dylan Base" a large data base of Dylan related info. I have almost completed the performance section, once done I hope to then integrate the lyrics section into the database. Also of note, the site made it into the DOMZ open directory project, and subsequently made it onto the Netscape search, other major search engines will be adding the site over the next few weeks. - Knuget
Okay here is that latest news on the site I'm just researching some java-script for the page, large updates soon. - Knuget
I just got back last night and I worked a bit on the site this morning. Fixed the intro page and jazzed up the scroll bars. Also uploaded an essay by Dave Thomas called "Caribbean Wind" it's quite a long essay but looks well worth the read. I still have some formatting work to do on it but that will probably be done by tonight. Hits to the site are way down, (mainly because we are not on the front page of Expecting Rain any longer), but as soon as Yahoo or DOMZ lists the site I think the hits will start up again. For the mean time, just keep on keeping on. - Knuget
Well all I did this morning just fixed up my E-mail contact system with automatic subject lines and fixed up the Bob Links section. - Knuget
Updated 1999 a bit on the time-line not much else for tonight. Don't know if I'll be around this weekend to update the site but we will see. - Knuget
Here is the news today... I've done a bit of work today mostly just site promotions to get some more hits to encourage me to put some serious hours in. Thanks for all the positive (and negative) feedback I really appreciate it. - Knuget
Wow! thanks to Expecting Rain the site got 700 hits last night, and tons of feedback along with those hits. Following a suggestion I took the music off the intro, it was getting kind of annoying. I've finally transferred all the album release dates on to the time-line so take a look at that if you feel so inclined. Last night I also added the site to some Dylan related web-rings in order to try and attract some more hits. - Knuget
Fixed the Flash intro, will do some more work later today. - Knuget.
Well, I went ahead and fixed up the time-line so that all the years connect properly I just need to get info for the dates I would really appreciate any suggestions for dates to add. I'm going to put all the albums up on the time-line tomorrow and possibly take another hit at the lyrics section. Also I put up the media section but for now it only has ten windows icons for download.- Knuget
Did a fair deal on the site today the time-line is now up and running, well sort of, just need to fix up a bunch of dates and stuff. Once that's done I'll start filling in the time-line with hundreds of Dylan significant dates, if you want to see what it will look like take a look at 1979, I decided to do that year as a demo of the time line. - Knuget
All I did today was to submit the site to a bunch of search engines and add meta-tags to get the hits coming in will do some lyrics tomorrow. - Knuget
Okay here is what is going on... I worked on the Album section last night and today and apart from the comments about each album (witch I plan to get from you) I think it's done. The song section has been put on hold, it's not my highest priority, although I might do some work on it tonight. My next project is going to be "Time out of Line" witch is basically going to be a Dylan time-line with all important Dylan related dates and a gigography incorporated And of course I'm going to work on figuring out to interface and jazzing it up a little. Don't forget to read Definition Destroys in the mean time. - Knuget
The site is now officially under construction the songs section, witch is going to a major part of the site is coming along quite nicely only a few songs are up but the layout of the section is almost done witch is the hard part. Much more work to do tomorrow  hoping possibly to finish the songs section by Monday. - Knuget